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We are pleased to welcome you to the web-site of the professional kennel "Boston Style" - a house for this unique breed the Boston terrier.

Boston terrier is one of the few breeds, originating in the USA. This breed is well recognizable by its special appearance, attracting everybody's attention. The Boston terrier is extremely impressive and simply beautiful.

One of the typical feature of this breed is white shiftfront, which gives a special sense of style. It is highly intelligent. We are rather sure that this little aristocrat has a great future ahead of him.

The gentleman from Boston

An ideal city-dog is cleanly and unobtrusive, not very big, but charming. The Boston terrier gives an impression of strength and resolution, possessing all the qualities of a big dog, he is elegant at the same time. He is friendly and amiable to your guests.

The Boston terriers don't require a lot of time and attention: unpretentious for food, the coat needs just basic grooming.

Aggression is unacceptable for this breed. The Boston terrier will never harass you and your neighbors with barking. Thus he has a feeling of the territory and will notify you about the stranger in order to stand guard over your house.

Small size and weight let you take the Boston everywhere, he will enjoy driving with you in the car. He is glad to go with you for a walk if the weather conditions are appropriate. He will appreciate walking outdoors, playing the ball with the children, following the bicycle, swimming for hours. But if you dont have plenty of time he will be happy to come under blanket, close to the owners pillow waiting for the next playing session.

The Bostons learn quickly, thus they are a little bit stubborn. Possessing an excellent character, high level of intelligence, the Boston terrier is an incomparable companion for children and adults. Marvelous charisma of this dog is bringing the sense of happiness in the house.

In general the Boston terrier is a very healthy dog, being active till the old age (average life span is around 11-13 years), but not that easy in breeding: too much of undercurrent.

Gentle, intelligent, pathetically stubborn, the Boston terrier can win the hearts of people, who even are not that into dogs.

You can make sure by communicating with them just once.

Boston Style

The base for the breeding consists of the dogs from the leading and the most experienced kennels of the USA, which is the most progressive country in this breed (SUN GLO , SUNWOODS , CircleJ's - these kennels are the founding fathers) and the Europe (BEAUTY GREMLINS, THE BEST, DENIRO).

The pedigrees of our dogs accumulate the bloods of the champions, winners of the most prestigious shows, famous producers all over the world, such as CH.Flashpoints Cosmic Ray, CH. Sunwoods Repeat Performance, CH.Sunwoods Senator, CH. Tuxedo Bows, CH.Bramley's I'm A Midnite Rider, CH.Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley and many others.

We do our best to import as much bloods as possible, in order to form excellent dams for the following breeding. Now we are absolutely independent in our view on the breed, so we try to keep on one favorite breed-type while choosing the producers. The requirements for the character and the temperament of our Bostons are high as well, since only a dog with a stable psychic could be a real show-dog and an incomparable companion in all respects.

All our Bostons are surrounded by love and care, whether they take part in breeding program or not. All of them are family members, indispensable companions, who don't feel lack of attention. Our friends, children, the dogs outdoors, trips to the shows in or outside Russia is socialization. Training while the process of permanent contact with the world around plays a significant role in raising healthy, easy-going stock. In summertime we go out of the city, to the pollution-free area of vicinities of Moscow, what definitely positively affects physical development of our Bostons.

Professional raising, excellent keeping, use of premium food Happy Dog, Hills, Pro Plan, individual selection of the food for every puppy if needed, permanent control of the producers, annual medical examination are provided. Practically all our Bostons have required tests. Opportune vaccination of puppies and adults by European vaccines Nobivac, use of vitamins and mineral supplies Canina, Polidex, 8 in 1, regular walks - this is what make our dogs healthy. For day-to-day and show grooming we use professional cosmetics Iv San Bernard  All System and Chris Christensen.

Getting the puppy from the kennel "Boston Style", you can be fully confident, that it would be a healthy, communicative puppy with all required RKF documents, tattoo and proper vaccination. We do sign a purchase-contract.

All our babies are born and living with us in the house. They are socialized, surrounded with love and care.

We help individually to choose the puppy of the Boston terrier of Show- Pet - Breeder class. We can assist in selection of a show-star or simply beloved pet, which will bring much happiness into your house.

We believe that our babies will be loved pets and worthy offsprings of famous ancestors and titled parents on shows and championships.

This is only the start of our collaboration. We are always happy to deal with amateurs or professionals.

You can get qualified consultation on breed in choice, raising, training, feeding, medical treatment, handling and organizing the show career of a puppy or an adult dog.

We are always glad to assist you in questions concerning the Boston Terrier and our own dogs.

Yours sincerely,

Svetlana Safronova

head of the nursery, "Boston Style".


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